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Clinician MedTech

MedTech Uncertainty Manifesto

Uncertainty and mystery are energies of life. Don't let them scare you unduly, for they keep boredom at bay and spark creativity - R.I. Fitzhenry Unce...

Clinician MedTech

A New Perspective on Med-Tech Marketing

Has the ground below us shifted once again? Thanks to the turbulent nature of health care, Med-Tech sales and marketing initiatives require agility, w...

MedTech Sales

The Easiest Way to Achieve Year End Growth Objectives

Going into the 4th quarter, med-tech teams are hustling to meet or beat sales objectives. If the pipeline is drained and marketing dollars are deplete...

Clinician 2018 MedTech Innovation


Millennials are changing the landscape of healthcare. Millennial nurses are working at a faster pace, seeking work-life balance and the desire and eff...

Clinician 2018

Nursing Burnout

Nursing is fundamentally stressful.  The complexity of the work, the pace of schedule, and the high-stakes decision making within critical human situa...


Incorporating The Human Element into Med-Tech Sales & Marketing

Artificial Intelligence, Automation, Cloud-Based Solutions: All are buzzwords in Medtech. But consistently, reports show the value of the human elemen...


A Proven Customer Engagement Strategy for Medtech

How do you keep customers engaged in a digital world where information overload minimizes the impact of traditional marketing?

Insider Clinician 2018 GuestAuthor

The Rise Of Concierge Medical Practices

2018 MedTech Innovation Continuing Education

Augmented Reality in Healthcare

Proper use of medical devices in healthcare is directly linked to product effectiveness, favorable patient outcomes and a safe healthcare environment....

2018 MedTech Innovation Sales

The Free Agency Era of Healthcare

To many of us in the healthcare industry, there is a not-so-hidden season that falls between the actual changing of seasons from February to June – co...

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